After reviewing my contract documents and my experience at the sales presentation I attended at Vacation Village at Parkway in November of 2008, I have discovered that I have been the victim of fraud, misrepresentation, and deceptive sales methods.I was told that the price was lower because the timeshare sold to me had been previously owned and that I was benefiting from the owner's payments in the form of "˜built-in equity'.

This was not true.

I was assured that I would make enough in rental income from the timeshare, with the personal assistance of Ed and Steve, to pay upwards of $2100 toward the mortgage payments.This was not true.

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So what can we do/ what's our option if it's been more than 10 days since we signed the contract? I sent the cancellation department 2 letters of my intent to cancel but got a letter in return asking me to call them to talk about it. I didnt give them a call back.


My Fiance and I purchased a timeshare after being pressured April 1st this year.I called to cancel and the lady said the 10 day period has been gone and we cannot cancel we now own it.

She said if we don't pay it will mess with our credit score. I cannot believe the State of Florida allow this company to act as if its legit and is scamming people.

I'm disgusted.I will not be making payments for a scam


I was told exactly the same thing. Have you got any resolution?

to Anonymous #1068671

same thing with me today , what did you do?


Lando sold us a foreclosure timeshare and when we went to exchange our week, the Georgian Inn stated we do not own it, that week is in bankruptsy, Lando is starting to take our payments out of our account, they are crooked, we do not own this timeshare. We are closing our bank account and disputing their charge on our credit card. They will not return our phone calls to correct this bogus deal.

Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, United States #802345

We purchased timeshare points at Vacation Village at Parkway in Kissimmee, FL through Lando Resorts Corp.We decided to cancel our contract with Lando and sent our cancellation letter to Lando corporate in Ft.

Lauderdale. We had 10 days to cancel and did so in 5 days. The contract we signed states that Lando had 10 business days to refund our deposit of $1305. They went several days over the 10 days and then refunded our deposit less $50.

Nowhere in contract did it say that they would keep $50 of the deposit if we cancelled.

In our opinion, this company is shady to say the least.We would not recommend dealing with them.

to Pogo #836831

I am currently having the same problem. I called and asked about my deposit and was told it would take 20 days; although, the paperwork states 10 days.

to flo #1068669

same thing here, w

mmm i just sign the pappers today so what i can do now to cancel? please help me!!


How did you go about disputing it?

to Stanty Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, United States #804198

We complained to the State of Florida.We don't expect to hear back from them because they have been allowing deceptive Timeshare sales for years.

The State of Florida knows what's going on and they don't do anything about it. Lando told me that they held back the $50 because we didn't return the books to them. They said it was in the fine print. We still haven't found it in the contract.

It was never mentioned to us at closing about returning the RCI book. The cancellation form we signed never mentioned it.

I assume that many people are having the same problem as we did.Good Luck

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